DIY Wall Treatment

  1. This is beautiful and I share ” your thing for plates!”
    Thank you for sharing. I’m excited to get started on mine, as I have the same little wall space!!
    Jenn from NC

  2. Sue Ann Straka says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the DIY! I am so excited about how ours turned out and it was so nice to work on a project with my husband.

  3. Lily says:

    Hi! How did you attach yours to the wall? I saw you used “fasteners” but I was wondering what specific screws and if you just screwed through the bead board into a stud? Thank you!

  4. Judith Ivan says:

    Love this, Jenny ! … you have the ‘knack’ for making your home beautiful and welcoming … your warm personality is felt in all you’ve done to ‘feather your nest’ … so proud of your accomplishments … you’ve come a long way from making ‘no-bake’ cookies – and I couldn’t be happier for you … xo Judy

  5. Jamie says:

    Hello. The plate rack is beautiful!
    Wondering what you did on the exposed side where the backing touches the side- did you fill it in or caulk it or hide that Sean?

  6. Vera Christensen says:

    I, too, have an affinity for plates and cutting boards. Beautiful DIY display y’all have built. It’s given me my own idea to add something similar in my kitchen or dining room. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Jennifer Lewis says:

    Kind of off subject but I was wondering how do you attach all of the other floating plates I see adorning your beautiful kitchen???

  8. My husband and I just built a small retirement home and I want to give it more character. I want it to feel like a cozy cottage / farmhouse.
    I need ideas using texture like shiplap and natural wood. Any ideas/ tips would be appreciated 🥰❤️

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